Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Simplicity of Being a Mason Among Masons

“What’s that you are reading?  So I see you are studying to be a Mason. What is that all about?”
"Give me a break; I'm just trying to figure out if this thing is for me at all."

As time passed and as I had more experience living as a Brother, it seemed as if just being a Mason was truly putting to ease this restless heart of mine. I was fortunate to have an  experience of a well formed lodge that had maintained tradition and emphasized quality of membership but could Freemasonry be that simple?  In a word, yes.

It was not so much about the study, rewarding though that was. The Brotherhood of Freemasonry done well was rather simple. I became less worried about the arcane and more focused on simply being… being a Brother. In fact the words "simplicity" and "availability" in our Lodge credo struck me very deeply. That is what resonated in my heart! That is what I love about this Masonic life at its best!

Simply love Masonic principles written in the rituals, exemplified in the work, lived in our daily lives.
Simply love being among good men believing in Brotherhood of Man, Fatherhood of God, basic yet inspiring.
Simply love fraternity, the sentiment of good will with those in my Lodge.
Simply love the joy of hearing the fellows call me "Brother" and the joy of calling them "Brother".
Simplicity; God's gift to me-simply to be a brother.

In an age where people find it hard to sit still and stay put, I desire to be available. To commit to being a Mason means keeping in touch in various ways with a set of men through my movement and travels.  Even on the seldom occasions I cannot make it to an Lodge meeting or event they are a touchstone, a reason for communication. I also find that when attending Lodge even if one doesn't say much, the presence says much more. Whatever Brothers do: whether it is efforts of friendship- finding out about our brothers and what is going on in their lives, sincerely wishing them well, lending a hand when possible, and giving the best of ourselves; or the work of the Lodge- setting up and taking down the lodge room, the chores of office, sending communications and publishing newsletters and updates, giving phone calls and emails, tiling the door, opening the meeting, etc.; there is also the work for the Lodge outside the Lodge itself- setting up for a group events, finding a caterer, making reservations, coordinating supportive and charitable efforts, offering advice and a listening ear, having fun while attending an event, etc.  - it is all really relevant. A Brother's main job is to be a Brother, to be available.

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