Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Taking A Moment to Say Good Bye To Lodges Past

Longreach Freemasons disband after more than 120 years due to falling membership

Posted 19 Oct 2015, 9:32pm
Freemasonry in the western Queensland town of Longreach has come to an end after more than 120 years.
The Masons disbanded over the weekend because of a fall in membership and expensive running costs.
The group sold its historic lodge in June.
Former master Ian Merritt said the Masons would continue on in Blackall and Barcaldine but it was a sad day for Longreach.
"The lodge in Longreach has been going since 1894 in a couple of different venues, the current venue having been [there] since 1929, and many, many members have been through.
"I think it's something like 581 members over the lifetime of the lodge, so it was a very sad day."
He said many would remember the Longreach Meteor Lodge fondly.
"It's the history as much as anything else," he said.
"The building that has just recently been sold was a major social gathering place for wedding receptions and parties and things like that over the years and that's what the town's going to miss the most.
"Even though it hasn't be used that way for quite a while, it's something that a lot of people in Longreach will remember."