Friday, October 24, 2008

The Stone the Builders Rejected

A host of symbolic references in masonic terms are to be found in the Scriptures, of which many such as the following are very well known.

During a visit to Bethel about thirty years before the fall of Israel around 745BC, that event is prophesied in Amos 7, v. 7-9, when the Lord measured his people Israel with a plumb line and found them to be irremediably warped by sin.

In the reign of Manasseh, the murderous and idolatrous king who ruled from 696BC to 642BC, the captivity of Judah by Babylon around 606BC is foretold in II Kings, Ch. 21, v. 13, when the Lord said he would "stretch over Jerusalem the measuring line of Samaria and the plummet of the house of Ahab".

In Isaiah 28, v. 16,  the coming of Christ is foreshadowed in the words "Behold I am laying... a foundation a stone, a tested stone, a precious corner stone, of a sure foundation." This prophesy is referred to in I Peter 2, v. 6-8 around 60AD, when the death of Christ is alluded to: "The very stone which those builders rejected has become the head of the corner, a stone that will make those people stumble, a rock that will make them fall".